The Light in the Dark

The Light in the Dark cover

The Light in the Dark cover

The Light in the Dark

Summary: Agent Clint Barton and Darcy Lewis strike up a strange sort of friendship after he’s left to guard Dr. Jane Foster after the events in New Mexico. Now, as everyone tries to recover from the aftermath of Loki’s attack on New York City they meet again.  Barton tries to come to terms with what he did under Loki’s control and Darcy grieves for someone very important who was lost. Their friendship is strained, she only wants to help, but his guilt prevents him from letting her get close. Can Darcy help Clint heal or is it too late?

Darcy Lewis/Clint Barton


Rating: Mature (sexual content in later chapters, vulgar language)


Chapter One: Shadowed

Chapter Two: First Encounter

Chapter Three: Frustration

Chapter Four: Getting To Know You

Chapter Five: Anger and Irritation

Chapter Six: Outside, Looking In

Chapter Seven: Walking A Tightrope

Chapter Eight: Temptation and Other Things

Chapter Nine: Shattered

Chapter Ten: Hawkeye, Really?

Chapter Eleven: Dysfunctional Family Dinner

Chapter Twelve: Trouble

Chapter Thirteen: Making Peace

Chapter Fourteen: Reaction

Chapter Fifteen: Settling In

Chapter Sixteen: Temptation and Restraint

Chapter Seventeen: Catalyst

Chapter Eighteen: Explosion

Chapter Nineteen: Aftermath

Chapter Twenty: Limbo

Chapter Twenty One: Conversations

Chapter Twenty Two: I’m Leaving On A Jet Plane

Chapter Twenty Three: Words of Wisdom

Chapter Twenty Four: Just Do It

Chapter Twenty-Five: Food, Wine, and Conversations

Chapter Twenty Six: And The Night Goes On

Chapter Twenty Seven: What Happened In Budapest?

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Sparks Ignite

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Back To Before

Chapter Thirty: Calm Before The Storm

Chapter Thirty-One: Surrendering to Temptation

Chapter Thirty-Two: Satisfaction



So I decided that I’d post all my fanfiction here as well as on and AO3.

I write all kinds of things and eventually it will all make it here. Right now I’m deeply obsessed with Avengers and all things Marvel so a lot of my fics have been Avengers related and I’m finally ready to post the big one.

You’ll see it here.

Really that’s all.